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At SGG, our family and removal team is comprised of some of the most nationally known  U.S. Immigration attorneys in the field of family and removal defense.

The managing partner of the Family and Removal Group, Attorney Heather L. Poole is internationally known as one the leading authorities in inadmissibility waivers (601 waivers for unlawful presence, misrepresentation, crimes, and prostitution) and complicated marriage cases. She is a certified specialist in immigration and nationality law (State Bar of California).

Senior Attorney Helen Sklar works on complex asylum, removal, and marriage fraud cases. She is a certified specialist in immigration and nationality law (State Bar of California).

Heather Poole

Heather L. Poole is the Managing Partner of the Family Immigration & Removal Group at Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP.  Heather is a Certified Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law (State Bar of California). She focuses on helping immigrants keep their green cards despite marital breakups and successfully reuniting couples and ... Read More

Helen A. Sklar

Helen A. Sklar has practiced exclusively in the field of immigration and nationality law since 1985. She has worked in non-profit community agencies, immigration law clinics, and volunteer programs.  She ran her own immigration practice from 1991 to 2009 during which she represented hundreds of non-citizens in deportation, removal, citizenship, ... Read More

Latest Info

17 April 2018

Ninth Circuit Reminds BIA That an Asylum Seeker's Testimony May Be Enough to Prove Asylum When No Explicit Adverse Credibility Finding Has Been Made

Applying for asylum in the United States is a daunting process, especially for the many asylum seekers who do not have the benefit of an experienced attorney by their side.  Asylum can be granted to a person who is unwilling or unable to return to her home country because of ... Read More

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5 April 2018

SGG Litigation Gets a Win in CSPA Case

Lorena (not her real name) was distressed when she first came to our office.  She just received a decision from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denying her application for permanent residence.  Lorena had applied for permanent residence based on a visa petition filed by her mother, who is ... Read More

5 April 2018

Two Year Work Permits for Spouses of Abusive H-1B Visa Holders Now Available

Until recently, the majority of H-4 visa holders (derivative spouses of H-1B professional visa holders) were dependent on their H-1B spouses for income and for many, their survival.  Since 2015, H-4 visa holders have been permitted to work in the United States if they meet one of two very limited criteria.  ... Read More

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