Family Litigation

Family Litigation

Want to sponsor a loved one for a green card but not sure where to start?
Is ICE trying to deport you or a loved one?
Finally ready to become a citizen but a mistake in your past is coming back to haunt you?

Family immigration and removal defense issues are highly complex and options available can depend on many factors. Your individual criminal and immigration histories, processing times, family history, your geographic location and your individual priorities and more can play a major part in whether you or a loved one can stay in the US or are stuck abroad. It is vital to consult with a competent immigration lawyer who regularly handles your type of situation to determine the best tailored solution for you.

At SGG, our attorneys regularly work with intricate and complex waiver cases, asylum cases, and fight for our clients in their most desperate hour. Our attorneys have decades of experience in this specialized area of immigration law. We regularly mentor and teach other attorneys in our field how to handle such unique and complex matters. We are internationally published and recognized U. S. Immigration attorneys who work with clients no matter where they are – in detention, out of the country, in another state, you name it. We make it easy to work with us no matter where you are. We embrace technology and fly to you so you are not alone in some of the most stressful moments of your life (during immigration proceedings). We won’t leave you hanging.

Helen A.

Helen A. Sklar has practiced exclusively in the field of immigration and nationality law since 1985.

Taiyyeba Safri

Taiyyeba Safri Skomra is a partner at Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP. Ms. Skomra has been certified as a specialist in immigration.


Amy Prokop Lenhert has expertise in a broad range immigration matters and is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law

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