Did you file for naturalization but your case has been pending long beyond your interview?
Is our green card case stuck in administrative processing?
Are you ready to sue the government to get out of detention?


Sometimes, the only way to get the government to take action on your case is to file a lawsuit in federal court. Cases that have been pending for long periods of time beyond normal processing times due to security checks or administrative processing with no explanation as to the delay can be challenged in federal court.  The result may not be what you want but through mandamus and habeas actions, the government is forced to take action one way or another.

Taking your legal issue to court is also often the only way to challenge an Immigration Judge’s decision that is upheld by the Board of Immigration Appeals. Federal court is an option to challenge wrong interpretations of the law and to preserve your options for a benefit such as a waiver based on a different interpretation of a crime that can lead to relief from removal.

SGG’s family and removal attorneys are comfortable fighting for you in court. We’ll take it beyond the BIA or challenge a Judge’s arbitrary decisions in due process litigation in federal court if we have so we can preserve your legal options. We take on appeals to challenge wrong decisions, motions to reopen prior removal cases and Board of Immigration Court decisions, and file in federal court to help clients get out of detention when they are being help indefinitely without legal justification.

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