Universities, Public Institutions & Nonprofits

Universities, Public Institutions & Nonprofits

Universities, National Laboratories, Museums and other Nonprofit Institutions all seek the best and the brightest employees and, many times, conduct a global search. Of course, recruiting globally results in foreign nationals as well as foreign nationals finishing up their education in the US. We will work with your institution whether it is a temporary work visa for a software developer, permanent residence for a researcher, or, institutional wide issues such as I-9 employer compliance, registration of foreign students or scholars, or, institution certification to allow foreign students, scholars or trainees.

Our attorneys are actively engaged with the educational and institutional community including involvement with the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors (NAFSA) where our attorneys are regular speakers at National and Regional Conferences.

A sample of areas we can be of service in institutional immigration issues include:

Nonimmigrant Status for Individuals

Immigrant Status for Individuals

Immigration Compliance – Institution wide practices

  • I-9 Employer Compliance and Document Retention, polices, practice and internal audits
  • H-1B program issues and audits including Public Access files
  • Institutional Certification to admit F-1 students
  • J-1 Program Certification

Immigration for specific types of institutions

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