Reopening Removal Orders

Reopening Removal Orders

Were you deported when you failed to attend your hearing?
Do you have new evidence that wasn’t available to you during your deportation trial?
Did your immigration attorney make a mistake in your removal case?


If you have ever been ordered removed or deported, you may believe that you no longer have any chance to remain in, or return to, the United States. However, in many cases it may be possible to ask the Immigration Judge  to reverse that order, even if you are long outside the 30 day filing window for an appeal or motion to reopen the original removal case. Motions to reopen removal proceedings may be possible in limited circumstances. The existence of new evidence and new relief for an immigration benefit that was not available to you before, may create a way to reopen your prior hearing and have your prior removal order rescinded. If you had an ineffective lawyer representing you in your removal proceedings who acted negligently (such as not attending your hearings or meeting court deadlines) and jeopardized your chances, the court may agree to reopen your prior removal proceedings based on due process reasons. Even the government may join in a motion to reopen your removal case if the circumstances are right and are argued effectively by your attorney.

To learn more about reopening a prior removal case to have your order reversed, explore these pages:

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