Bond Hearing Representation

Bond Hearing Representation

Are you in immigration detention and want to get out on bond?  
How do you know if you qualify for bond?
Do you have questions about what you need to provide to be given an amount as low as possible?


Many people end up in detention facing deportation for months or even years at a time. The central question remains – how do I get out?  Some detained immigrants are eligible for “bond.”

A bond hearing is a court proceeding to determine whether you can be released from immigration detention while you wait for your hearing.  This is your chance to explain to the Immigration Judge why you should not be in held in detention if you are facing deportation. Usually bond is set at a high enough amount to make sure you return to your removal proceedings. As long as you return for your immigration court hearings, you or the person who posted the money for the bond will be returned the money at the end of the proceeding. The bond amount depends on your criminal history, ties in the U.S., and a number of other factors including whether you are a flight risk.

If you are stuck in detention in the middle of nowhere, far from your family, it can be more difficult to access the evidence you need to prepare your case for court. We will work with you to present the best case at your bond hearing increasing your chances for receiving bond. Contact us today to represent you at your immigration bond hearing.

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