Deportation Defense

Deportation Defense

Was your marriage-based green card application denied and you were placed in removal proceedings?

Did you commit a crime that landed you in removal?

Did you overstay your visa or enter the U.S. illegally, get caught, and are now facing deportation?

Deportation orders issued in U.S. immigration proceedings have severe consequences. The first deportation or removal order issued by an Immigration Judge requires that you remain outside of the U.S. for a ten year period in most circumstances before you can benefit from even a green card through family sponsorship. More than one removal order can result in 20 years outside of the U.S. Trying to re-enter the U.S. illegally after a removal order not only triggers the possibility that ICE will reinstate the original order and you have no right to see an Immigration Judge in most circumstances, but it could also bar you from being even able to apply for any permission to come back to the U.S. for a ten year period in all circumstances. That’s why it is so crucial to put your best defense forward when you are first charged with inadmissability or deportability and are placed in removal proceedings. Not often do you get a second chance to reopen your case and fight it right the second time around. Having the right immigration attorney throughout your case can be crucial in drastically improving your chances of success, especially when much relief available depends on the arguments presented and detailed analysis of case law to fight for your eligibility that only a competent immigration attorney will know.

There is special forms of relief only available in removal proceedings that you may qualify for. But each has unique requirements and different circuit courts, depending on where you live, may have different interpretations on whether you meet those eligibility requirements. This is an area of immigration law that is constantly changing as new cases and analysis of the laws by different Immigration judges, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and even the Supreme Court are released. It is best to obtain a competent removal defense attorney early in the process if you are facing potential removal from the U.S. to analyze your options and strategize with you. Further, some immigration benefits and relief are time-barred and you must apply for such relief within strict time limits or lose your opportunity.

Even if you are coming to SGG family and removal attorneys for help after your removal order has been issued, there still may be hope through re-opening your prior order, post-conviction relief, and/or special applications to return to the U.S. early despite your removal order. Our attorneys work with clients to help them challenge prior orders and reopen old removal proceedings with or without the cooperation of ICE.

For more information on the types of relief available in removal proceedings and what we can do for you, explore these pages for more insight:


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