Stays of Removal & Appeals of Removal Orders

Stays of Removal & Appeals of Removal Orders

Have you received a removal order and want to appeal?
Have you already appealed your deportation order but it was rejected or denied?
Need to stop the government from deporting you while you appeal your case?


If you have very recently been ordered removed by an Immigration Judge, you are entitled to file an appeal of that decision within 30 days.  Have you missed the filing deadline for your appeal? There may be exceptions to filing by this deadline that we can help you meet.

Our attorneys have successfully represented many clients in their filings before the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), in which we make arguments based the judge’s faulty legal reasoning or failure to consider important evidence or testimony.  Filing a BIA appeal involves reviewing your entire immigration court record to determine where the judge may have made an error, as well as taking into account any new factors that may work in your favor, such as changed circumstances in your country of origin.  But while your appeal is pending before the BIA, ICE can still remove you based on the judge’s order.  It’s important to file a motion to “stay”, or postpone the enforcement of that order until your appeal is decided. This will allow you to remain in the U.S. until a final decision is made in your case without having to look over your shoulder.

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