USCIS Announces Filing Fee Increase Effective October 2, 2020

USCIS Announces Filing Fee Increase Effective October 2, 2020

USCIS Announces Filing Fee Increase Effective October 2, 2020 1000 559 SGG Immigration

On July 31, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security announced that USCIS filing fees will change as of October 2, 2020. Overall, the fees will increase by a weighted average of 20% since the last increase in 2016. However, several applications and petitions will become much more expensive. Here are some of the most significant changes:

  • N-400 Application for Naturalization filing fee will almost double, from $640 to $1,170 ($1,160 if filed online), and the reduced fee for applicants whose income is under a certain threshold, is now eliminated.
  • I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status: currently, children under the age of 14 years when filing with a parent pay a reduced filing fee of $750. Under the new rule, applicants pay the new fee of $1,130 regardless of age. A fee of $1,080 now applies to certain asylees who were previously subject to a reduced fee requirement. And the I-765 Application for Employment Authorization and I-131 Application for Travel Document will no longer be included in the I-485 filing fee. This “unbundling” will add $1,140 in filing fees for the I-765 and I-131 applications.
  • I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker: Currently, there is a single fee of $460 for various categories of status sought under the same form. Under the new rule, USCIS will charge higher but different fees in each category. For example, fees for H-1 petitions will increase by 21% to $555, and fees for L-1 petitions will increase by 75% to $805.
  • I-140 Immigrant worker petition – one of the few forms that will see a decrease of 21%, from $700 to $555.
  • I-765 Application for Employment Authorization fee will increase by 34%, from $410 to $550, except for DACA renewal applicants.

Among other changes, the final rule provides for a $10 reduction in fees for applicants who submit forms online, when applicable.

The new fees are effective October 2, 2020, which means that any applications for immigration benefits postmarked on or after this date must include the new fees. Please contact SGG if you are interested in seeking an immigration benefit.