28 July 2016

The End of Internships?

Federal and state governments have begun to crackdown on unpaid internships, which they say violate minimum wage laws. The U.S. Labor Department claims to be targeting firms that fail to pay interns properly, and to be increasing efforts to educate firms, colleges and students on compliance with labor laws.  According ... Read More

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1 June 2016

Employer Obligations Related to the H-1B Labor Condition Applications and the H-1B Process

This article covers the basic procedures to obtain H-1B work authorization.  The H-1B petition process requires two basic actions.  First, the employer must apply to the Department of Labor for certification of a Labor Condition Application (LCA).  This is done electronically and generally takes one week.  Second, the petition for ... Read More

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24 May 2016

Permanent Residency Through Labor Certification Processing

This article will summarize the procedure to obtain U.S. Permanent Resident status (the so-called “green card”) via employment and it will explain briefly the information and actions needed from the employer and the foreign national in order to process the case.  The procedure to obtain a green card is a ... Read More

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