Refugees Flee Gang Violence In Central America

On Sunday, May 7,  SGG attorney Partner Michele Franchett traveled to Tijuana to support a group of refugees fleeing violence and gangs in Central America.  The group of refugees, which was assisted by a coalition of Mexican and American organizers, traveled thousands of miles through Mexico in hopes of seeking asylum when they reached the US border.  According to multiple human rights lawyers and observers, however, Customs and Border Patrol (“CBP“) officials at border crossings have been denying entry to refugees on a variety of pretexts – in contravention of the law. Thus, the call went out for attorneys to serve as observers to support the caravan as they presented themselves to CBP for inspection. Under the watchful eye of human rights organizations, observers and journalists, the CBP processed the 78 refugees in accordance with the law, and they will be provided with credible fear interviews. Click here to read more about issue.

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