Saving Conditional Green Cards in Removal Proceedings

Saving Conditional Green Cards in Removal Proceedings

Are you suddenly faced with removing the conditions on your green card alone because you and your spouse have separated and you are now facing deportation?


The unfortunate truth is that many marriages end prematurely in separation or divorce.   The pain of the divorce can be compounded by the need to defend yourself in Immigration Court when your I-751 or petition to remove the condition on your green card is denied by USCIS due to lack of evidence or complications arising from an uncooperative spouse.

When USCIS denies a joint petition or waiver petition to remove the condition on your green card, which can happen even if your spouse is cooperating, CIS will issue a Notice to Appear, placing you in removal or deportation proceedings. You will have to defend against potential charges that you entered into a sham marriage, one that was entered into only for immigration purposes (to get you a green card).  Even immigrants still happily married can end up in removal proceedings based on a denied joint petition to remove the condition on their green card because the couple did not adequately document the relationship. Regardless of how you got there, once in immigration court and you are facing removal proceedings, it’s in your best interests to hire a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible to assess your options and represent you in any filings to save your green card.

SGG’s immigration attorneys can help you present documents, legal arguments and testimony to the Immigration Judge that explains that although it may have ended, the marriage was a real one from the beginning, and that you are still eligible for permanent resident status in the U.S.  We can help you obtain documentation to prove to your employer that you still have the legal right to work in the U.S. even when you are fighting the government to stay.

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