Artificial Intelligence/ Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence/ Data Analytics

We Provide Immigration Services for the Artificial Intelligence Sector

“Artificial Intelligence companies offer tons of job opportunities because there’s way more need for this technology than there are people who understand it all.” Steve Omohundro, TEDx at Mountain View High School, January 20, 2016.

Do you have difficulties hiring due to U.S. immigration laws?  U.S. immigration laws for the hiring of skilled workers are a compilation of legal criteria, with no unifying field theory, and are entirely out of date with the U.S. job market. Areas of particular disconnect are the fields involving Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. For example, anyone seeking a temporary or permanent visa to the United States must be coded into a specific occupation listed in a database at the U.S. Department of Labor. However, there is no specific occupational code for a Data Scientist.

SGG Immigration LLP (SGG) serves the immigration needs for outstanding people, of whatever nationality, in this fast growing field.  For over twenty years, Kathy Grzegorek has worked closely with academia and tech transfer, as well as startups to large companies.  Ms. Grzegorek has filed more visas for astronomers than any other immigration attorney in the United States. Astronomers were the earliest experts in Big Data.


Immigration Services Offered

SGG provides full business immigration services for:

  • employees and dependents (nonimmigrant visas, immigrant visas and consular processing)
  • general immigration (I-9, worksite/employer compliance issues)
  • entrepreneurs, co-founders and key management (nonimmigrant visas, immigrant visas)

Our business immigration team has extensive experience working with organizations on all manner of employment-based immigration issues, including L-1A multinational managers or executives, L-1B specialized knowledge employees, L-1 blanket petitions, E-2 and E-1 treaty visa applications, PERM labor certifications, H-1B, H-1B1, E-3 professional workers, O-1 extraordinary individuals, TN visa applications and Form I-9 compliance issues.

Not only are we immigration specialists, we also specialize in knowing the how’s and why’s  of a startup company. These include financing, capital, patents, tech transfer from universities and other issues. We use our knowledge of the big picture to present our cases in the best possible light to obtain immigration benefits. Our deep knowledge of the innovation culture distinguishes SGG from other immigration law firms. Most importantly, we leverage our knowledge to the fullest extent when representing our clients.

What I’ve learned over the years, is how to represent people who specialize in handling huge amounts of data. In the past, most people working in Big Data segued into the financial industry. Recently, it has been Data Science and Machine Learning, including the many subfields where knowledge of these sectors is a major component.

 Personally, I take a lot of satisfaction in representing the engineers and scientists in the AI sector because, to quote Steve Omohundro, “I believe [their] many many innovative applications really could make the world a better place.”

 I am honored to contribute to our future by serving this sector with what we do best – representing innovative companies in fulfilling employment needs with people who understand it all.


-Kathy Grzegorek, Founding Partner of SGG

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