Winter 2017

9 January 2017

Spotlight on Attorney Yeu Hong – SGG’s Newest Partner

SGG congratulates its newest partner Yeu Hong. Q & A with Yeu Q: How did you get started as an immigration attorney? A: As an immigrant to the United States, the area of law was interesting to me and I took the course along with participating in the school’s immigration law clinic.   I also interned … Continued

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21 February 2017

Immigration Protests at LAX

President Trump’s travel ban issued on January 27, 2017 caused widespread panic and chaos across the nation’s airports as families waited for word on whether they would see their loved ones again. In an unprecedented collaboration between cities, national civil rights organizations, local community organizers, and immigration attorneys, thousands went to the Los Angeles International … Continued

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27 January 2017

Trump Executive Order Signals Major Shift in U.S. Visa Policy

UPDATE: Trump Travel Ban In Effect, Sowing Confusion Over Implementation and Prompting Legal Challenges Nationwide Updated 1/30/2017  In a major shift to U.S. visa policy, President Trump signed an Executive Order titled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States by Foreign Nationals” [full text] on January 27, 2017.  The order temporarily suspends … Continued

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15 February 2017

SGG Community Outreach at St. Lawrence Brindisi

  In immigrant communities, the first month of Mr. Trump’s administration has caused anxiety and fear. To counter the misinformation, rumors, and half-truths that are circulating freely, Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP is taking action wherever we can.  With a long and strong tradition of providing pro bono legal services, SGG held a seminar in … Continued

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16 February 2017

First Wave of Worksite Inspections at EB-5 Project Sites

The Fraud Detection and National Security unit (“FDNS”) at USCIS has launched a first wave of worksite inspections at EB-5 project sites across the country. FDNS, which has experience in inspecting US employers in the H and L visa context, is now charged with conducting random inspections at locations where USCIS expects to observe “direct” … Continued

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11 January 2017

H-1B Cap Season Underway

The H-1B filing window for fiscal year 2018 is set to open on April 3, 2017, much to the delight of many would-be H-1B workers with offers of employment in the United States.  A total of 85,000 H-1B visas are available under the statutory cap; 20,000 of which are set aside for those with U.S. … Continued

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11 January 2017

Spotlight on SGG Expertise: Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

The O-1 or EB-1 visa categories can provide great temporary and permanent solutions for foreign nationals who have achieved significant success or recognition for their talents and contributions to their field of expertise.   SGG’s business immigration team has extensive experience with securing O-1 nonimmigrant visas and EB-1 permanent residence (“green cards”) for individuals with “extraordinary … Continued

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4 January 2017

AAO issues precedent decision changing the National Interest Waiver standard

On December 27, 2016, the Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”) of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a precedent decision, Matter of Dhanasar, which changes the adjudicatory standard for petitioners seeking a national interest waiver (“NIW”) of the job offer and labor certification requirement.   As background, this waiver is available to second-preference employment-based immigrants (advanced … Continued

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23 February 2017

Resolving Lengthy Delays Through The Federal Courts

Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes.  But sometimes waiting for the USCIS to act could cause significant hardships.  Perhaps your naturalization application has been delayed, and you’ve been waiting well beyond the normal processing times just to get an interview. Or, maybe your spouse’s immigrant visa application has been pending … Continued

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26 August 2016

International Entrepreneurs – A New Proposed Immigration Option Published by USCIS

Click here to view the Spanish translation.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) published a final rule on January 17, 2017, that will – effective July 17, 2017, allow international entrepreneurs who will have an active and central role in the operations of a start-up entity to apply for parole so that they may start or … Continued

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