25 April 2019

EB-1 Backlog Continues for Fiscal Year 2019

Candice Garrett

The EB-1 visa backlog remains unprecedented in scope. Note, this category includes EB-1A, Extraordinary Ability; EB-1B, Outstanding Professors and Researchers; and, EB-1C, Intracompany Transferees serving in a managerial or executive capacity. The backlogs are particularly acute for those born in India and China. During a recent meeting with the American ... Read More

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25 July 2017

Prudential revocation of visa after arrest

Taiyyeba Safri Skomra

Certain criminal convictions may fit within the categories of crimes that render foreign nationals deportable and/or inadmissible. However, even being arrested could trigger the sharing of information from law enforcement authorities with the Department of State. The consular post may revoke a visa after an arrest for driving under the ... Read More

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14 February 2017

Visa Overstay: What Is It And What Are Its Consequences?

What is visa overstay? Some people look at their nonimmigrant visa (B1/B2, F-1, H-1B, etc.) and mistakenly think they are allowed to stay in the United States until the expiration date of the visa.  The validity of the visa however, is unrelated to the period of time one is allowed ... Read More

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15 November 2016

Mandatory EVUS Registration for Chinese Travelers

Starting on November 29, 2016, mainland Chinese nationals carrying 10-year B-1, B-2, or B-1/B-2 visas in their passports must enroll in the electronic visa update system (EVUS) in order to travel to the United States.  EVUS is an online system that collects biographic data to facilitate travel to the United ... Read More

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1 June 2016

Part II: Physicians- Path to Legal Permanent Residency

The Part I of the article covered the journey of an International Medical Graduate (“IMG”) from seeking Residency to an H-1b Visa.  IMG’s who pursue residency program in a J-1 visa are subject to the two (2) years of home residency requirement.  In order to avoid the home residency requirement, ... Read More

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28 April 2016

Congress Implements Changes to Visa Waiver Program

Originally published March 29, 2016 The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) permits citizens of 38 countries to travel to the United States for business or tourism for stays of up to 90 days without a visa.  On January 21, 2016, Congress implemented changes to the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist ... Read More

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28 April 2016

New Electronic Visa System for Chinese Visitors

Originally published March 29, 2016 In November 2016, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will implement the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS), an online system requiring Chinese nationals travelling on a People’s Republic of China passport with a 10-year B visitor visa to update their basic biographic information.  All travelers ... Read More

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